Our Mission

Establish excellent relationships with our customers and partners, through the supply of spare parts for Air Conditioner, be your preferred supplier taking it to safe harbor.

Our Vision

Build a solid foundation as a service oriented our distinguished and esteemed clientele organization as a primary aspect maintaining good service and quality of our products.

Our corporate values

We are Handle principles of management powered by Henry Fayol: Division of labor, Authority, Discipline, Unity of command, Unity of direction, Subordination, Remuneration, Centralization, Scalar chain, Order, Equity, Stability of tenure of personnel, Initiative, Esprit de corps .

About Us

We are dedicated to selling Air Conditioner, parts and spares, export throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, our highly qualified staff will provide the best advice to support your requirements.

Enterprises Features


Equipments with high performance.


We have a good trust with customers and providers.


We focus on product make deliveries on time.


You don´t lost time on purchases.

Free Support & Updates

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